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A book about the President of Kazakhstan presented in Astana

04 July 2017, 18:54

Today the work of the Russian documentary writer and historian Nikolai Zenkovich about the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev "Book of the Great Life" was presented in Astana. The difference of the new publication from the previous ones in that it is intended for children of a senior school age.

The presentation of the book was attended by representatives of the Club of Editors-in-Chief, prominent public figures, representatives of leading youth organizations, teachers of NIS, "Bilim-Innovatsiya" lyceums.

Deputy Chairman of JSC Agency Khabar Rinat Kertayev, who moderated the event, stressed that the "Book of the Great Life" is the only one of its kind, designed for the youngest readership - students of secondary schools. The book will also become a textbook for high school students and vocational school students.

The author of the book is the honored worker of the culture of the Russian Federation, historian, writer, publicist Nikolai Zenkovich. He wrote more than 30 books on prominent state and public figures, political leaders and other extraordinary historical figures who changed the course of history. His books have been translated into 14 foreign languages.

At the presentation, the author told about the main idea of the book creation, key events of the life of the Head of State, which formed the basis of the storyline. N. Zenkovich noted that for several decades he has been studying the life of the President of Kazakhstan.

"I had an interest in Nursultan Nazarbayev in 1986 after the December events. I was then in the brigade of the Central Committee of the CPSU, which left to clarify the situation at the end of events. Nursultan Abishevich was a member of the Politburo of the CPSU Central Committee. I was then able to see him in action, see his determination, wisdom, to marvel at his ability to take the situation in hand and manage events. Since then, I have always wondered at every opportunity about what is happening, followed his progress, saw how he grew up to the famous person in the whole world. I have travelled many countries – he is known everywhere. I have never met any negative assessment of the activities of the President of Kazakhstan," said N. Zenkovich.

It should be noted, that the year before for the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan's independence, N. Zenkovich's first book on the President of Kazakhstan - "The Name that Became an Era" was published. As the author himself says, this is a new reading of the biography of N. Nazarbayev. And if the first book focuses more on the study of the phenomenon of the Leader of the nation, the second one shows how the President came to his goal.

"I dedicated the second book to children. Tried not to make it boring, using lively language, in a form that is accessible to children. I wanted to tell the children that lying on the couch, you would never become great. We must go through all the difficulties and sufferings, work for the sake of the Motherland, the people," the author said.

The book came out in two languages at once - the Kazakh translation was made by the talented writer of Kazakhstan Kainar Olzhay. The book consists of two parts, the first one - "The Boy from Ushkonyr" tells about the President's childhood years, his great life path. The second one, under the title "Mr President", tells how he came on the same line as the outstanding people of the planet who are changing the world, making it better and kinder.

The author of the publication, Nikolai Zenkovich, said that he showed interest in N. Nazarbayev's activities after meeting him in 1986, after the December events
The publication is a ready educational tool for high school students
The book was translated into Kazakh by well-known Kazakh writer Kainar Olzhay
Interest in the book was shown by well-known public figures, representatives of leading youth organizations, NIS, Lyceum "Bilim-Innovatsiya" teachers
N. Zenkovich wrote more than 30 books about prominent state and public figures, political leaders and other extraordinary historical figures who changed the course of history
Journalists took the opportunity to ask the author about creative work in preparing such a respectable edition
The presentation of the book became an occasion to discuss the role of the President N. Nazarbayev in the formation of the Kazakh statehood
The event ended with an autograph session, each attempted to obtain a copy of the book with the author's and translator's signatures