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Expo-2017 allowed SKSU after M. Auezov to implement projects in the field of renewable energy — Zh. Myrkhalykov

09 October 2017, 12:30

Due to the holding Expo-2017, the South Kazakhstan State University after M. Auezov has found international partners for the implementation of a number of promising projects in the field of renewable energy sources. This was announced during the press conference in the Government of Kazakhstan by the rector of the university Zhumakhan Myrkhalykov.

The rector of the SKSU reported that a number of scientific projects were presented at the Expo-2017, including the development of technology and modelling of the micro-bubbling biogas treatment process to obtain highly concentrated methane from renewable energy sources, as well as the production of environmentally friendly thermal insulation material. In general, for all the submitted projects and developments of the university, decisions were taken on commercialization and further promotion.

For joint implementation of the projects, a memorandum was signed between the University of the Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Associations "Committee on the Problems of the Use of Renewable Energy Sources" and a Kazakh branch of the Committee on Renewable Energy Sources (RES) of RUSEA on the basis of SKSU named after M. Auezov was created.

Within the framework of the work of the RES Committee, joint projects are being developed to create autonomous power plants and local facilities that are relevant for use in remote agro-industrial formations of Southern Kazakhstan, and projects on environmental issues and greenhouse gas reduction are also planned.

In addition, during the Expo-2017 the university signed a memorandum with the Department of Thermal Solar Systems of the German Institute for Solar Research (Aachen) on the joint development of an integrated mobile life-support installation for small settlements and for people in emergency situations. In the long term, based on this project, it is possible to produce domestic local life support facilities in the city of Shymkent.

Also, the University has responsibly approached the issue of preparing volunteers for the Expo-2017 exhibition. Students underwent intensive courses to improve the level of their English, as well as programs on the economy and culture of Kazakhstan as a whole. In total, 500 volunteers were trained, 200 of them took part directly in the exhibition itself, the rest were placed at the production enterprises of the SKR.