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Millionth visitor of EXPO-2017 registered

11 July 2017, 19:50

Today a millionth visitor was identified at the International Specialized Exhibition EXPO-2017, declared a mathematics teacher from Astana Gulzhikhan Zhanabergenova.

The Chairman of JSC “Astana Expo-2017" NC Akhmetzhan Yessimov congratulated the anniversary guest. He presented multiple tickets for EXPO-2017, tickets for the Cirque du Soleil, a tablet, a portable charger and souvenirs with the symbols of the exhibition to the millionth visitor.

"We planned two million visits for the entire time of the exhibition, but as you can see, in 31 days we had a million guests. Now we see a good activity, last Friday there were 66 thousand visitors in one day - this is a very good indicator. We are moving according to the plan, and today's millionth visitor, I will not hide, made us happy," A. Yessimov noted.

G. Zhanabergenova came with her husband and three-year-old daughter to the exhibition:

"I work as a mathematics teacher at school N76 in Astana. I came here for the second time, for the first time I came to the dress rehearsal with the collective, but then I did not get into the "Nur-Alem" Sphere. Today I came with my family and did not expect that this will happen," said a happy woman from Astana.

As it was informed, more than 100 countries and about 10 international organizations take part in the International specialized exhibition "Astana EXPO-2017".

Organizers expect that 2 million people will visit EXPO-2017, and the total number of visits will be about 5 million. It is planned that 85% of the total number of visitors will be Kazakh, and 15% - citizens of foreign countries. A significant number of tourists are expected from the US, Europe, Turkey, China and the CIS.

As of July 10, the total number of visits to international pavilions was 5,960,221. The main facilities of the exhibition complex were visited 834,579 times. The most visited object remains - "Nur-Alem", which was visited by 303 007 people. According to rough estimates, the number of foreign visitors is more than 130 thousand or about 14%.

The Committee on Statistics of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan compiled average portraits of Kazakh and foreign guests. More detailed information is in the infographic.

Millionth visitor of EXPO-2017 registered