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Introduction of Industry 4.0 elements to increase competitiveness of domestic enterprises — B. Bekenov

23 November 2017, 15:26
Photo: РrimeМ

Today during a press conference in the Government, chairman of the board of Kazakhstan Institute of Industry Development JSC, Berik Bekenov told how the introduction of elements of "Industry 4.0" will affect the development of Kazakh enterprises.

As Berik Bekenov noted, the digitalization of the industry primarily affects the competitiveness of domestic enterprises by lowering production costs, improving working conditions, increasing productivity, reducing the time from development to output to foreign markets.

Also, the introduction of digital technologies makes it possible to develop cooperation between different producers, which allows to be integrated into the global chain. Along with this, around enterprises that implement digital technologies, high-tech IT service companies will be created. They will offer their services in the development and maintenance of digital solutions.

It should be noted that the Industry 4.0 consists of the large-scale use of advanced infocommunication technologies such as analysis of massive data (big data), autonomous robotic systems, industrial Internet, additive technologies (3D printing), and others.

"By means of digital technologies, the appearance of industries is changing significantly, business models are changing. Industry 4.0 for Kazakhstan presents new opportunities, namely, a significant increase in efficiency, the creation of a new business and export-oriented productions," Berik Bekenov said.

According to him, the technologies of the Industry 4.0 are available for all enterprises: both for enterprises that have reached the end of the Industry 3.0 conditional stage, and for enterprises with a lower technology base — they will need significant investments for renewal of fixed assets, training and retraining relevant specialists.

In conclusion, the speaker stressed that the introduction of digital technologies, elements of Industry 4.0 is unavoidable for today.

"This is a requirement of current realities. Therefore, if enterprises want to be competitive, enter foreign markets, they must implement digital solutions in production," B. Bekenov summed up.