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Public health service to guarantee quality of life and longevity of Kazakhstanis

25 April 2017, 13:59

With the development of the public health service, the focus from the treatment of diseases will be shifted to their prevention and management, said the Minister of Health Yelzhan Birtanov within the framework of the press conference following the meeting of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Minister noted that it is necessary to develop effective measures to create daily habits for every Kazakhstani who will become a guarantee of quality of life and longevity. According to him, the society should spend more money on these measures. Then less money will be spent on the treatment of diseases.

 "Today, unfortunately, we spend more and more money on acute chronic diseases and on fighting critical conditions. 80% of money leaves on operations when the illness is already started.
And we should take care of all this together and work together," Y. Birtanov said.

The minister also specified that this service will replace two previously existing services: the sanitary epidemiological service and the Committee for Quality Control of Medical Services.

"By combining these services, we created the Public Health Protection Committee.
He has a central authority at the level of the Ministry of Health. In each region and each district we will have territorial units - Committees for the protection of public health," the Minister of Health explained.

First of all, the new service will introduce technologies that are aimed at improving health. The main focus will be on combating the spread of infectious and non-communicable diseases. Ultimately, the Ministry of Health sets the goal to achieve the following indicators: reducing the overall morbidity and morbidity in key chronic diseases, increasing the overall life expectancy.

For reference:

Public health is the science and practice of preventing diseases, prolonging life and promoting health through organized actions undertaken by society.