Ministry of National Economy of the Republic of Kazakhstan is thecentral executive body of the Republic of Kazakhstan which is responsible forthe management in the areas of strategic planning, tax and budget policy, aswell as policies in the field of customs, state and state guaranteed loans anddebt, state-private partnerships, state investment projects, the protection ofcompetition and restriction of monopolistic activity, natural monopolies andregulated markets, international economic and financial relations, includingthe regulation of international economic integration, management anddevelopment of foreign trade, regulation of trade, the management of state assets,including improving the quality of corporate governance of publicadministration, state policy development in the provision of public services, mobilization,migration of population, state material reserve;
  • Regionaldevelopment, support for private entrepreneurship, architecture, urban planningand construction activities, housing and communal services, state regulation inthe field of water supply and sanitation, electricity, heat and gas supply,land management, geodetic and mapping activities;
  • Protectionof competition and restriction of monopolistic activity on product markets, thecontrol and regulation of the activities referred to the state monopoly, aswell as cross-sectoral coordination and other special executive, approval andcontrol functions;
  • Regulation and control in the sphere of natural monopolies and regulatedmarkets, except the field of telecommunications and postal services, inaccordance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan, as well as the controland regulation of activity of the energy and power supply companies inaccordance with the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "OnElectricity" ;
  • Statestatistical activity;
  • Consumerprotection, sanitary and epidemiological welfare of the population, control andsupervision over the compliance with the requirements established by technicalregulations and normative documents for products and services sold toconsumers, as well as in the field of food safety at the stage of itsimplementation, inter-sectoral coordination and licensing functions.