Bakytzhan Sagintayev holds a meeting on development of Astana
26 May 2018, 11:42
Briefing to be held on results of state fire safety inspections
26 May 2018, 11:17
B. Sagintayev meets with activists and business of Kostanay region: the new Law, Five Initiatives and Address
25 May 2018, 18:54
SME, food industry, improvement of living conditions: B. Sagintayev visits a number of facilities in Kostanay region 
25 May 2018, 16:59
On Five Social Initiatives, labor market, starting a business — Prime Minister’s meeting with students in Rudny
25 May 2018, 16:32
Industry 4.0 and Digital Kazakhstan: B. Sagintayev gets acquainted with technological modernization in Kostanay region
25 May 2018, 15:19
Potential of AIC: Bakytzhan Sagintayev discusses new law on entrepreneurship with agrarians of Kostanay region
25 May 2018, 13:06
Smart Poultry Farm project presented to Bakytzhan Sagintayev in Rudny
25 May 2018, 11:14
Bakytzhan Sagintayev arrives in Kostanay region on a working trip
25 May 2018, 10:06
B. Sagintayev visits pavilions of V International Exhibition of Weapons Systems and Military Equipment KADEX-2018
24 May 2018, 18:58
Meeting of Kazakh Invest Board of Directors held in Ukimet Uyi
24 May 2018, 16:05
B. Sagintayev meets with Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Defense of Qatar, Khalid bin Mohammad Al Attiyah
24 May 2018, 14:58
The President signs the law on improving business regulation in Kazakhstan
24 May 2018, 13:12
Kazakhstan is one of the largest economies of Asia: what did the guests of XI AEF talk about
24 May 2018, 10:23