Halal standards in Kazakhstan to be introduced taking into account international experience — G. Dugalov

Today in the course of the briefing following the meeting of the Government, Galymzhan Dugalov, Chairman of the Technical Regulation and Metrology Committee of the Ministry for Investments and Development, spoke about the work being done to introduce halal standards in Kazakhstan.

Galymzhan Dugalov noted that the MID RK does not participate in the formation of national standards for halal products. However, the ministry actively supports the Spiritual Board of Muslims of Kazakhstan in this issue, which assumed the mission of approving the halal standards in Kazakhstan.

With SBMK there is a special organization for the examination of halal goods. It approved a number of standards for halal products and processes based on the Malaysian experience. Today, active work is carried out jointly with the Malaysian Department of Dzhakim, which approves such standards.

"Moreover, we, for our part, support SBMK in this matter: we conduct relevant seminars. We are implementing a project jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture and the German Society for International Cooperation. We are working on the implementation of these halal standards in Kazakhstan, taking into account international experience," said Galymzhan Dugalov.

Also, the Chairman of the Committee recalled that when assigning standards, it is necessary to conduct correct tests in laboratories. These laboratories can be accredited to the MID RK.

"Moreover, tests and research should be conducted at the DNA level," Galymzhan Dugalov stressed.

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