Introduction of elements of precision farming to reduce losses by 25% — A. Yevniev

Today at the press conference following the meeting of the Government, First Vice Minister of Agriculture Arman Yevniev spoke about the introduction of technologies such as precision farming and SMART-farm.

The Vice Minister noted that in the sphere of technological re-equipment of the AIC there is a big task - to make sure that farmers themselves introduce new technologies.

"Precise farming is the world trend for today. Almost in all regions there are farmers who adopt elements of precision farming," said Arman Yevniev.

The introduction of elements of precision farming will allow farmers to significantly improve production efficiency. Such elements include: electronic maps of fields, accurate weather data, sensors and indicators , cosmomonitoring and other solutions.

In general, the increase in productivity will be achieved through improved agrochemistry, seed production, agronomics, timeliness and quality of technological operations, the use of sensors and the consideration of weather factors, which together will reduce losses by at least 25%.

The implementation of SMART-farms will allow monitoring livestock and management of the herd of animals, provide autonomous management of the greenhouse, keep records and analyze costs online.

"Smart farm — when human labor is almost minimized, when robotization is in progress, when robotics control the entire cycle of what is happening on the farm," said Arman Yevniev.

International experience will be used to provide services to farmers in providing meteorological data. This year, a pilot project will be implemented in Akmola and Karaganda regions.

Arman Yevniev also stressed that the Ministry of Agriculture will continue the work on the development of electronic grain receipt system.

"In 2017, 19 million tons of grain were sold for more than 627 billion tenge through this system. Therefore, the system works and will continue to develop," the Vice Minister said.

The system includes online monitoring of the grain balance, statistics on grain prices, grain insurance, the rating of grain receiving points. This made it possible to exclude the forgery of the grain receipt and reduce the farmers' expenses per year by 700 million tenge.

As part of the development of the system in 2018, in order to improve security, the blockchain technology, online ordering of grain carriers, online trading, will be introduced, which will allow foreign buyers to purchase grain.

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