The Ministry of Investments and Development

The Ministry of Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the central executive body of the Republic Kazakhstan, carrying out management in the fields of industry and industrial andinnovative development, scientific and technological development, mining andmetallurgical complex, development of local content, mechanical engineering,chemical, pharmaceutical and medical industry, light industry, woodworking andfurniture industry, building industry and manufacture of building materials;Safety of machinery and equipment and safety of chemical production accordingto a branch orientation; state investment policy and investment support,creating a favorable investment climate; establishment, operation and abolition of special economic zones; export controls; technical regulation andmaintenance of unity of measurements; mineral resources, except for hydrocarbonraw materials; the state geological studying, reproduction of mineral resourcesbase, rational and complex use of bowels, the state control over resourceexploitation of the underground water and mud, solid minerals except coal anduranium; energy conservation and efficiency, tourist activities, and implementationof state policies to support investment; in the fields of rail, road, inlandwaterway transport, merchant shipping, in the use of airspace of the Republicof Kazakhstan and the civil and experimental aviation, highways; industrialsafety; communication, information and "e-government" information; space activities.
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