The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

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Government of Kazakhstan discusses the issues of holding the harvest campaign

12 September 2017, 10:45

Today at the meeting of the Government chaired by the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev, the progress of harvesting works of 2017 was considered.

First Vice Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan Kairat Aituganov reported that at present harvesting operations are being carried out in all regions of the republic. As of September 12, 11.6 million hectares have been harvested, 14.7 million tons of grain have been harvested - with an average yield of 12.6 centners per hectare. The rate of harvest exceeds the last year's level by 2.5 million hectares or 16%.

In general, 76.7% of grain crops were harvested in Kazakhstan. In the main grain-bearing regions, it was collected: in Akmola region - 3.5 million tons, in North Kazakhstan - 3.3 million tons, in Kostanay - 3.8 million tons of grain.

In South Kazakhstan, Zhambyl and West Kazakhstan regions grain harvesting has been completed, 1.4 million tons have been harvested, which is 3.5% more than last year.

Harvesting of barley is coming to an end - 1.8 million hectares or 86% of the area have been harvested, 2.7 million tons have been harvested. For oilseeds, about 24% of areas have been harvested, which exceeds the level of the previous year by 10%, 1.2 million tons have been threshed. The harvesting of vegetable crops is continuing in Almaty, Zhambyl and South-Kazakhstan regions, 76% have been harvested, 3.1 million tons of vegetable crops have been harvested, which is 13% more than the level of the last year.

For the organized holding of harvesting works the regions are provided with necessary volumes of the cheap diesel fuel. All reception points are ready to receive grain of a new crop.

Also this year the Methodology for determining and assigning ratings to granaries was introduced. From this year, the Food Corporation will stop working with grain-receiving enterprises that have an unreliable rating.

In addition, to improve the quality of grain in the current year, necessary measures have been taken to support seed production and the use of mineral fertilizers. Thanks to this, the share of grain of the 3rd class is 76%, whereas last year the figure was 44%, with gluten 25 and higher - 47%, last year this value was 9%.

Thus, the gross grain harvest in the bunker weight is expected to exceed 19.5 million tons. And according to the main three grain-growing regions it is planned to collect about 15 million tons. These volumes, taking into account the expected quality, will increase the export potential of grain to 8 million tons.

Akim of Akmola region Malik Murzalin, North-Kazakhstan region Kumar Aksakalov, First Deputy Akim of Kostanay region Gauez Nurmuhambetov reported on the current situation with the harvesting campaign in the regions.