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Expo-2017 became a venue for large-scale international meetings – L. Zhumagaliyeva

11 October 2017, 12:45

Today within the framework of the press conference in the Government, the Deputy Chairman of the Investment Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan Larissa Zhumagaliyeva told about the ministry's contribution to the International Specialized Exhibition Expo-2017.

According to her, the period of the International Specialized Exhibition Expo-2017 became saturated in respect to events and meetings at the international level.

“About 170 events took place within the framework of the International Specialized Exhibition Expo-2017, including 13 ministerial visits, 12 National Days, three meetings of intergovernmental commissions, 76 bilateral meetings, 61 bilateral meetings with the participation of vice ministers,” the speaker said.

Among the most significant events, she highlighted the 4th meeting of the Kazakh-Chinese Business Council held on June 7-9 within the framework of the official visit of Chinese President Xi Jinping to Kazakhstan, within which 21 commercial documents worth over $5 billion were signed.

Also, in June, the Kazakh-American business forum was held for the first time with the participation of representatives of state bodies, quasi-public sector and business communities of the two countries. A number of bilateral negotiations were held within the framework of the forum.

In addition, during the visit of the President of Germany, F.W. Steinmeier to Kazakhstan, the XI meeting of the Kazakhstan-German intergovernmental working group on trade and economic cooperation and the 10th meeting of the Kazakh-German Business Council were held. As a result of the meeting, more than 20 commercial agreements were signed for the amount of about €973 million.

The list of the most significant events of Expo-2017, which resulted in the signing of agreements and memorandums on further cooperation, also include the Kazakhstan-Austrian Economic Forum, the 2nd meeting of the Kazakhstani-Canadian Business Council, the Kazakh-Belarusian Business Forum, the next meeting of the Kazakh-Turkish Intergovernmental Economic Commission, the Kazakhstan-Polish Business Forum with the participation of the Presidents of the two countries and the Kazakh-French Intergovernmental Commission on economic cooperation.

"The events contribute to the further strengthening of bilateral cooperation, the exchange of experience in attracting investments, the development and implementation of mutually beneficial joint projects in various fields, the expansion of contacts through small and medium businesses, and the strengthening of interregional relations," L. Zhumagaliyeva said.

According to her, 12 projects for a total of $4 billion were launched in 2017.

"We can say that today the first step has been taken. Investors were convinced that it is worth investing in Kazakhstan. Of course, it's too early to say that all agreements and memoranda will be implemented 100%. Investors are just getting acquainted with Kazakhstan, they are exploring our investment climate, the legal framework. Only then they will decide how much they will invest in Kazakhstan. The next stage is fully met by the Ministry of Investments and Development and Kazakh Invest," L.  Zhumagaliyeva summed up.

Expo-2017 became a venue for large-scale international meetings – L. Zhumagaliyeva
Expo-2017 became a venue for large-scale international meetings – L. Zhumagaliyeva