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Kazakhstan created a powerful industrial and logistic distribution center — DP World Vice President, Anil Singh

06 December 2017, 17:03

Yesterday Astana hosted the first international Kazakhstan Global Investment Roundtable, in which more than 100 representatives of large foreign companies took part. Senior Vice President and Managing Director at DP World, Anil Singh told about the role of private investments and the pace of infrastructure development in Kazakhstan.

"I think that Kazakhstan is in the center of the world. To get from one point of the world to another, it it is necessary to cross the territory of Kazakhstan. The sea route, for example, from Shanghai to Antwerp is long and too expensive – it takes 43 days. But along the transit corridor from China to Europe through Kazakhstan, it is possible to transport goods in 12 days," Anil Singh said.

Headed by Anil Singh, the company plays a leading role in the global trade and transport sector. According to him, the SEZ “Khorgos – Eastern Gate” in technological connection with the Zhetygen - Altynkol and Zhezkazgan - Beineu railway lines, the Western Europe - Western China automobile corridor, the port of Aktau, helped create a powerful industrial and logistics distribution center in Kazakhstan, organize global deliveries, integrate Kazakhstan's infrastructure service into the global trade and transport chain.

Noting the successes of Kazakhstan in the transport and logistics sphere, A. Singh underlined in his speech that a transit point of 2 million containers a year through the territory of the country would become a huge achievement, which is planned to be reached in the coming years.

"Today we already can see the fruits of success," A. Singh summarized.