The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

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I am pleased with progress the country achieved in such a short time — Liu Shikai

06 December 2017, 18:37

At the venue of the yesterday's Kazakhstan Global Investment Roundtable, the president of Cathay Industrial Biotech, Liu Shikai spoke about the implementation of the project to create a biochemical cluster and organize the full-scale production of modified fibers.

Cathay Industrial Biotech has developed a unique technology for producing green nylon from non-food wheat and corn. Kazakhstan has long been a supplier of non-food wheat with high shelf life, low gluten indicators for the plant in China. Now, the construction of the second plant in the territory of Kazakhstan is being considered.

"We believe that Kazakhstan has created all the conditions for this project. We brought the most advanced technology to produce the most advanced material. This will benefit the local industry of Kazakhstan, help create jobs, and bring the world the best raw materials," the Chinese investor said.

At the same time, Liu Shikai commented on the development of the country during the period of joint work.

"I visited Kazakhstan many times, particularly Almaty and Astana. I have seen the local environment, surprised by its changes over the past few years. Especially the Government organizes the work very well, I enjoy the teamwork of the Kazakh Government, which coped with the project of building the capital, Astana, put all the resources and raw materials together for building the infrastructure. I am pleased with the progress that the country has achieved in such a short time," Liu Shikai stressed.