The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

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MID RK and Kazakh Invest discuss implementation of joint projects in Kazakhstan with leading British companies

15 December 2017, 15:19
Photo: РrimeМ

Within the framework of the IV meeting of the Intergovernmental Commission for trade, economic, scientific, technical and cultural cooperation held in London on 12 December, the delegation of Kazakhstan concluded a number of agreements with large British companies.

During the meeting, the Minister for Investments and Development of Kazakhstan, Zhenis Kassymbek, and the Chairman of the Board of Kazakh Invest NC, Saparbek Tuyakbayev discussed the issues of potential cooperation and deepening collaboration with representatives of such companies as Metalysis, Peter Humbro Limited, Wood Group, UK Export Finance, Citizen Machinery UK .

At a meeting with Chief Executive Officer of Metalysis, Dion Vaughan, the creation of a joint venture for the production of metal powders used in 3D printing for aerospace, automated advanced production applications on the territory of the special economic zone was discussed.

The result of the meeting with director of Peter Humbro Limited, Peter Hambro (one of the founders of the Russian gold mining company Petropavlovsk) was an agreement on attracting funding from international institutions (World Bank, EBRD, etc.) for the construction of a refinery for the extraction of gold at a deep level and its refraction with the corresponding receipt in the budget.

In the course of the meeting with Alexey Haynes, Senior Vice President of Wood Group (currently the company is the main participant in the construction of the new terminal at Heathrow Airport), the parties agreed to discuss in detail the cooperation on airport construction projects in Kazakhstan.

With the CEO of the UK Export Finance, UKEF, Louis Taylor, the conditions for investing UKEF in Kazakh projects worth $4 billion into the spheres of agriculture, water supply, and construction of LRT in Almaty were considered.

At the meeting with the president of Citizen Machinery UK Jeff Bryant, the projects of the Manufacturing Technologies Association, which require equipment for machine building, machines manufactured by MTA member companies were discussed.

With the main investment director of United Green, Albrecht Frischenshlager, the current status of the project for the construction of a solar panels production plant of SES Burnoe Solar-2 and the building of a factory in Kazakhstan for the production of baby milk powder were considered.