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887 items of free medicines purchased for 2018 — Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan

09 January 2018, 16:53

887 names of medicines and medical products for free medical care for 2018 have been purchased to date. For 492 items, agreements between SK-Pharmacy and suppliers have been signed and the prices have been approved, for 395 items, contracts with suppliers are in the process of concluding. This was reported by the Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Among them are 443 medicines purchased from domestic producers, 82 – directly from foreign manufacturers, as well as 14 drugs purchased through UNICEF. Also, according to the results of a two-stage tender and purchase, 40 orphan drugs were purchased from one source. In addition, this includes 328 items purchased from a single source as part of purchasing a 90-day demand.

Shipment of preparations to warehouses of the Single distributor under direct contracts and contracts with domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers began in December 2017. Shipment of medicines and medical products under contracts concluded following the purchase of a 90-day demand from a single source begins on January 10.

Procurement is continuing as part of the purchase of the 90-day demand: 181 – announced for purchase, 150 of which were re-purchased, 28 purchases were changed after the appearance of new items on the list of medicines and medical products to be purchased from a single distributor for 2018, 2 antiretroviral drugs for children with HIV and 150 mg pancreatin capsules. Also, at present contracts are concluded with domestic producers for 41 medicines. 8 items are currently purchased directly from foreign manufacturers and another drug – through the United Nations Development Program.

The two-stage tendering procedures for the purchase of 488 items to ensure a 9-month demand are in full swing. According to preliminary data, 357 of them will be admitted to the auction.

A complete list of medicines and medical products to be purchased from a single distributor for 2018 includes 1,192 names of medicines and medical products. The need of medical organizations is provided for a total of 200.2 billion tenge.