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In 2017, about a million network attacks on eGov portal repelled — NIT JSC

19 January 2018, 14:56
Photo: РrimeМ

Today during the briefing at the press center of the Government, Botagoz Kassabek, deputy chairman of the board of NIT JSC, commented on the cybersecurity of the e-government portal.

As Botagoz Kassabek noted, works 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Annually, more than a half of the country’s citizens use eGov services.

In provision of electronic public services, information security and guaranteed accessibility must be ensured. In particular, it is necessary to prevent unauthorized access to information systems and databases.

Operators of information systems that provide public services are required to comply with legal requirements related to the storage and use of data. National Information Technologies JSC accompanies the resources of the electronic government and allows information resources, which contain petabytes of data, to operate uninterruptedly and quickly.

"We are trying to conduct planned works without interrupting the work of the portal. Usually we conduct them at night, so that the users feel comfortable and do not feel any inconveniences," Botagoz Kassabek noted.

According to her, in order to protect against cyber attacks and threats, the information security service of NIT JSC constantly monitors, analyzes all cyber threats. So, every day this service fixes dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of attacks aimed at the vulnerabilities of e-government.

Botagoz Kassabek stressed that since the beginning of 2017, one million threats to e-government have been repelled. "This work is carried out on an ongoing basis. We are constantly attacked, but we constantly prevent different threats," said the deputy chairman of the board of NIT JSC.

In general, according to the deputy chairman of the NIT, all service software products that are part of the electronic government are being certified by the state technical service.

"We plan to create a Security Operations Center, which will monitor and keep a close watch on every incident. Today, there are 16 data centers under supervision of NIT in Kazakhstan, which are provided with experts in the analysis and investigation of cyberthreats round-the-clock," Botagoz Kassabek summed up.

In 2017, about a million network attacks on eGov portal repelled — NIT JSC