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Government approves draft interregional scheme for territorial development of Shymkent agglomeration

13 February 2018, 14:22

At the meeting of the Government chaired by the Prime Minister Bakytzhan Sagintayev, an interregional scheme for the territorial development of the Shymkent agglomeration was presented by the Minister for Investments and Development, Zhenis Kassymbek.

According to Zhenis Kassymbek, the construction of three bypass roads (Southern, Eastern, Northern – 78 km) and 118 km of the outer South bypass of Shymkent city, the bypass road of Saryagash city, as well as reconstruction and repair of 720 km of the roads of regional and district status.

"It is recommended to build four transport interchange hubs. The construction of 43 km of the bypass railway line of the city of Shymkent, the new Shymkent-2 railway station, reconstruction of the station of the city of Arys are envisaged. The construction of two transport and logistics centers in the city of Shymkent and Saryagash district until 2020, as well as the reconstruction of the airport complex of Shymkent, were proposed. The proposed measures will improve the quality of services, increase the transit and export potential of the agglomeration," the minister reported.

The development of engineering infrastructure is aimed at modernizing existing and introducing new power supply capacities, involving renewable energy sources in the balance sheet with the involvement of private investments.

"The development of engineering infrastructure will provide access to 72 settlements to centralized water supply. The construction of intercity and inter-settlement gas networks will increase the coverage of settlements by 2030 from 46% to 94%. The interconnected development of engineering infrastructure will ensure the need of the population and business for water, gas and energy infrastructure," Zhenis Kassymbek said.

For the development of social infrastructure, it is proposed to increase the coverage of children with preschool education from 81% to 100%, the elimination of 18 three-shift schools and 10 emergency schools by 2020.

"The hospital fund of organizations of inpatient care will increase by 11% by 2020 and by 28% by 2030. The housing stock of the agglomeration will increase from 30 to 59 million m2 by 2030, and taking into account the population growth in this metropolitan area, the security will increase from 17 to 26 m2 per person," the Minister Zhenis Kassymbek reported.

To improve the ecological condition of the agglomeration area, a set of measures has been proposed, including intensification of measures to protect the air basin in the territory of Shymkent and Saryagash district), the modernization of sewage treatment facilities (in Shymkent, Saryagash, Aksukent, T. Ryskulov), the elimination of "historical" pollution by 2030.

"The introduction of an effective system of management of solid domestic waste will provide 100% coverage of services for their collection and removal. Measures for landscaping of the territory will allow bringing the total area of ​​forest park green areas of the agglomeration to 40% by 2030," Zhenis Kassymbek said.

In conclusion, the Minister for Investments and Development announced that the implementation of the project proposals will allow to develop the agglomeration area in a comprehensive and mutually connected way, to create a center for economic growth and a favorable urban environment, to increase mobility of the population, to ensure equal access of the population to life support systems, to improve the ecological condition of the territory, region as a whole.

The akim of the South-Kazakhstan region Zh. Tuimebayev also made a report on this issue. The first Deputy Prime Minister A. Mamin, commented on the issue.

Following the vote, a draft interregional scheme for the territorial development of the Shymkent agglomeration was adopted.