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Refusal of apartment owners’ cooperative: how the new system of property owners will work

11 September 2018, 12:45

This was announced by Vice Minister for Investments and Development Kairbek Uskenbayev at a press conference in the press center of the Government.

According to Uskenbayev, apartment owners’ cooperatives operate today. Their activities are inefficient in terms of openness and transparency, which causes the majority of the population to be dissatisfied with the quality of maintenance of multi-apartment houses and has led to a decrease in public confidence in the authorities’ management and lack of desire of apartment owners to accumulate funds for capital repairs of the house. According to the appeals of most associations for the management of the multi-apartment houses, it is proposed to create a new form of property owners’ association on the principle of "one house — one association — one account."

"The very structure and management system of residential buildings is changing. The apartment owners’ cooperative implied that it was the apartment owners who should determine all the issues on the livelihood of the house, but apart from the apartments in this house there are also other owners. This is the owners of the first floors and nearby houses, which have the same rights and are required to bear the same responsibility for the maintenance of house ownership, so we have introduced rules that all owners of this property have equal rights," the vice minister explained.

The introduction of amendments will contribute to the improvement of the relations between the subjects involved in the management and maintenance of the facility, to increase the transparency of management and spending of funds for the maintenance and the satisfaction of the owners of flats with the quality of services rendered by service providers and management companies.

As Uskenbayev stressed, the refusal of the cooperatives is connected with their inefficient activity.

At the same time, one-time creation of new management bodies is not expected, since in the transitional provision of the draft law it is envisaged a period of up to six months for re-registration of existing forms of management in the association of property owners.

When the Model Statute of the owners’ association is approved, there will not be a need to submit a statute to the registering authority, which makes it possible to simplify and speed up the registration procedures.

Moreover, cooperatives of apartment owners can continue their activities as management or service companies, but now on the basis of contracts with apartment owners and non-residential premises.

"We have already developed e-shanyrak system, mobile applications for all residents of our country. Already, 190 houses in the country have been identified in the pilot order, we have the technical capabilities to connect all the houses at the same time so that through the electronic system you can see what works your company is doing, what materials are being purchased, what accounts are coming to you, what consumption rates your home," Uskenbayev added.

Refusal of apartment owners’ cooperative: how the new system of property owners will work
Refusal of apartment owners’ cooperative: how the new system of property owners will work