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444.3 billion tenge to be directed to Elbasy’s social measures "Aleumettik Qamqorlyq" — Alikhan Smailov

12 March 2019, 14:42

At the press conference in the Government’s press center, First Deputy Prime Minister – Minister of Finance Alikhan Smailov told for what purposes additional budget funds will be allocated as part of the implementation of the President’s new social initiatives “Aleumettіk Qmaqorlyq.”

According to Alikhan Smailov, financing from the revised budget will begin in April.

“Today at the Government meeting we have approved the draft law on clarifying the republican budget for 2019 in accordance with all the instructions of the Head of State regarding his new social initiatives ‘Aleumettik Qamqorlyq,’ as well as with the previous addresses. We envisage appropriate financing in the draft budget, by the evening it will be submitted to the Majilis of the Parliament of Kazakhstan, and we plan to complete this work together with the deputies by April 4,” Smailov said.

Smailov announced that it is planned to allocate annually 50 billion tenge for building additional 6 thousand apartments of rental housing without redemption for low-income and large families from among those in the waiting list for housing. Today, there are 28.1 thousand large families in need of housing.

“Our budget is social, and it has not become such today or yesterday. In recent years, a large share of our expenses, in particular the republican budget, has been spent specifically to the social sphere. In the budget that we have already adopted this year, 4.8 trillion tenge or 45% of the budget is provided for the social sphere, including social security and social assistance — 3 trillion tenge, for health care — 1 trillion 117 billion tenge, for education — 583 billion tenge, for culture and sports — 78 billion tenge,” informed Smailov.

At the same time, within the framework of the refinement of the republican budget, additional funds will be directed to Aleumettik Qamqorlyq, for which the Head of State gave a number of specific instructions. A total of 2014 will be sent 444.3 billion tenge.

“As part of these funds, it is planned to direct social support to certain categories of citizens — 224 billion tenge, the construction of rental housing for low-income large families — 50 billion tenge, the introduction of preferential loans through the Housing Construction Savings Bank — 50 billion tenge, the development of regional infrastructure — 90 billion tenge, the implementation of special ‘Aul – El Besigi’ project — 30 billion tenge,” said Smailov.

Meanwhile, 24.6 billion tenge is allocated to hold the Year of Youth and 286 billion tenge — for the fulfillment of the President’s instructions, voiced in the 2017 and 2018 addresses.

“As for the 224 billion tenge allocated for social support, 49.6 billion tenge will be sent to targeted social assistance only in 2019, in 2020 — 115 billion tenge, 2021 — 108 billion tenge. To increase disability benefits — this year it is 5 billion tenge, in 2020 — 13.8 billion tenge, 2021 — 14.9 billion tenge. On wage increases for low-paid public sector workers: this year — 169.7 billion tenge, in 2020 — 397 billion tenge, 2021 — 410 billion tenge,” Smailov concluded.

444.3 billion tenge to be directed to Elbasy’s social measures
444.3 billion tenge to be directed to Elbasy’s social measures
444.3 billion tenge to be directed to Elbasy’s social measures