The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

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Karim Massimov familiarizes with reconstruction of bed of the Kargaly river

15 August 2016, 20:43
Photo: Официальный сайт Премьер-Министра РК

The Prime Minister of the RK has checked  the strengthening of the coast of the Kargaly River  and discussed measures to prevent floods in Almaty.

In Almaty, the reconstruction of  bed of the Kargaly river is in process. The river periodically overflows, resulting in the flooding of three districts of the city. The work on disaster management is under special control.

Deputy mayor  of Almaty R. Taufik informed the Prime Minister that  the reconstruction was carried out in the section of ​​the river with the  length of 7.7 kilometers - from the dam to the Zhandosov street.

Employees have  already cleared the bed, dismantled 7 of 10 bridges and held work to strengthen the shores with the concrete.

The city administration  allocated 2.3 billion tenge from the budget for  disaster management.

The Mayor of Nauryzbaysky district, Almaty region S. Saiphedenov informed the Prime Minister  about the comprehensive development of the territory.

Restoration and strengthening works should be completed by the beginning of October this year.

Karim Massimov discussed  the measures taken  to prevent floods and landslides, as well as the condition of moraine lakes in the basins of the  Aksai, Big and Small Almaty  with the heads of city services and Deputy Minister of Interior Yuri Ilyin.


For reference:

In Almaty region  there are 106 moraine lakes and 22 rivers. At the present time the situation in the high mudflow is controlled by  19 7 seasonal and permanent gauging stations  of  LLP "KazSeleZashshita" of the MIA of the RK. It is planned to hold activities to reduce the water level of  unstable lakes.