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Karim Massimov familiarizes with production of valuable fish species in Atyrau

08 August 2016, 22:11
Atyrau Region
Photo: Официальный сайт Премьер-Министра РК

Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov has visited the commodity-sturgeon farm Caspian Royal Fish during his working trip to Atyrau region.

LLP «Caspian Royal Fish» is engaged in breeding of valuable fish species (sturgeon) fish processing and production of caviar. Thanks to state support of "KazAgroFinance" JSC for the purchase of equipment and in the framework of the "Roadmap for business-2020" for the construction of engineering and communication infrastructure, the company was put into operation in September 2014.

According to the director of the complex Askar Taubayev, uniqueness of the project is to create a continuous process of growing fish in recirculating water and under controlled temperature conditions.

At present, the total amount of sturgeon farmed in the company is around 25 thousand pieces. By the end of the current year it is planned to sell up to 5 tons of commercial fish and to get at least 200 kilograms of sturgeon. The designed capacity is planned in 2017.

The Prime Minister visited the production complex of the enterprise, which includes swimming pools with fish, hatchery hall  and got acquainted with the production process.


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Fish production takes an important place in the economy of Atyrau region. The main vector of fish farming is processing, as it is written in the second five-year state program of industrial-innovative development. In the region there are a number of plants and fish farms that are working to increase the number of salmon,  trout, carp, cod and other fish species.