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Kazakhstan to implement information system of oil metering

02 March 2017, 14:33

The preparatory work for the implementation of the information system of oil metering (ISOM) for automated data collection, processing, storage and use of data will start in 2017. In 2020, the system will operate at full power, said Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan at a press conference.

The Minister said that in order to implement the President's instructions, announced in the message to the people of Kazakhstan, the agency intends to send its potential for implementation of high technologies. In this regard, steps for technological upgrade are outlined. One of these steps is the introduction IS OM.
The new system will modernize and automate accounting production volumes and turnover of oil, taking into account all technical losses arising from oil turnover.
Stages of implementation of the system: 2017-2018 - the creation, legal adjustment, 2018-2019 - the introduction, 2020 - the launch.
About 2.7 bln tenge will be required to implement the project. ISOM project is included in the program "Information Kazakhstan-2020".
K.Bozumbayev also said that the Ministry intends to strengthen the program "Intelligent deposit" in the near future. This, according to him, will automate production, increase oil production by 2-5%, reduce the consumption of materials and equipment to 10%, increase energy efficiency by 20%.
The plans of the Ministry of Energy is the introduction of electronic trading platforms for the sale of liquefied gas and the electronic reporting in a single information system, environmental protection system.
In addition, the agency plans to develop and approve the rules of subscribers connecting to the gas supply in 2017. After that, the reception and processing of applications for the connection of subscribers to the gas supply will be carried out on-line.

Kazakhstan to implement information system of oil metering