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Karim Massimov inspected the progress of construction of objects of "Astana EXPO-2017"

03 August 2016, 02:22

Prime Minister Karim Massimov has visited the facilities of the  exhibition "Astana EXPO-2017". He posted on his Instagram.

"311 days are left till the Astana EXPO-exhibition. On construction site of the exhibition complex. The 2nd August," The Premier wrote on his Instagram page.

The implementation of the International specialized exhibition "EXPO-2017" in Astana is one of the key projects in Kazakhstan, so the preparations for the exhibition is under strict control of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev. Today, on August 2, the Prime Minister Karim Masimov familiarized with the construction works at the exhibition center.

The Prime Minister looked at how things are working on  construction of the heating duct of the 4th and 5th entries. Commissioning of the pipeline will ensure reliable and uninterrupted heat supply for facilities of the International specialized exhibition "EXPO-2017", as well as for social facilities of the  capital such as Mynzhyldyk mall, the new station. To date, the readiness of the object is 75%. The work is  carried out in accordance with the schedule.

K. Massimov visited the construction site of the exhibition.

Preparatory work  for  "EXPO-2017" is being strained, but the schedule is maintained. The construction of facilities and infrastructure widely involved domestic entrepreneurs.

Kazakhstan's pavilion concept and National Pavilion is approved by the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev on October 2, 2015. Thematic Areas of concept presented as a "Museum of the Future Energy". On the top floor there will be located exhibition "Future of Astana - the capital of Kazakhstan in 2050". Sculptural city model describes the ambitions of the city in view of sustainable development and eco-efficiency. One of the main elements of this level is a transparent bridge with an observation deck with panoramic views to all floors of the building.

The theme of "Energy of the Future" will be presented on seven floors of the spherical building: each floor for a certain type of energy (the energy of the cosmos, solar, biomass, wind, water and the kinetic energy).

The National Pavilion will be divided into two main zones: the love zone with Kazakhstan and the region "creative energy".

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The specialized Exhibition EXPO starts in Astana on 10 June and ends in September 2017. It is expected to host 100 countries. The exhibition will be visited by about 5 million people. Mostly it will be tourists from the CIS countries, China, Europe, Southeast Asia and Turkey. Today, participation in the Expo have been confirmed by 82 States and 14 international organizations.