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Kazakhstan fulfilled plan to attract international participants at EXPO-2017 exhibition: Rapil Zhoshybayev

08 September 2016, 22:46
Photo: Официальный сайт Премьер-Министра РК

To date, 100 countries and 17 international organizations have confirmed their participation in "Astana EXPO-2017" International Specialized Exhibition, said Rapil Zhoshybayev the Commissioner of EXPO-2017 during the press conference at CCS.

"The success of the EXPO exhibition has always been related to the number of countries taking part in it, and with what they can present at the exhibition. Initially, participation of 100 countries and 10 international organizations was planned to register at the exhibition, today we have fulfilled the plan to attract international participants. 100 countries and 17 international organizations have officially confirmed their participation," said R. Zhoshybayev.

It should be noted that Brazil became the 99th country and South Africa has become hundredth state party. It is a member of the G20 and one of the most developed countries of the African continent.

Commissioner of "EXPO-2017" said that despite the success, EXPO diplomats still negotiating with a number of countries, and the campaign to attract international participants will last until the end of this year. Currently, work to appoint the section commissioners and to sign contracts with the participants is underway.