The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

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Dariga Nazarbayeva: Funds allocated for construction of education institutions must be disbursed in time

08 August 2016, 22:04

Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Dariga Nazarbayeva ordered to take measures aimed on timely disbursement of funds allocated for construction of education facilities

KZT 57 bln has been allocated from the National Fund for construction of education institutions. Thus, 96 education institutions are being constructed at the expense of these funds.

Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan Bibigul Asylova informed that KZT 26.9 bln was allocated to local executive bodies as of August 1. She also noted that 21 education institutions had already been commissioned.

"According to the latest information, KZT 23.7 bln has been disbursed or 88.2% of the plan. The remaining part of the funds makes KZT 3.2 bln. The biggest part of undisbursed funds falls at Akmola, East Kazakhstan, Karaganda, South Kazakhstan regions and Astana city," B. Asylova told.

In turn, D. Nazarbayeva ordered governors of the regions and mayors of Astana and Almaty cities to ensure systematic work with contractors on prevention of any deadline violations of commissioning of education facilities.

"The measures on timely disbursement of finances and on increasing of control over it have to be taken as well as a mechanism of monitoring over the progress in construction of education institutions must be developed," D. Nazarbayev added.