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NCE intends to hold functions of certification of goods

29 October 2014, 21:53

National Chamber of Entrepreneurs made proposal to the Government on transferring the functions of certification of goods to the NCE, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Chamber Nurzhan Altayev has said today at a briefing in the Central Communications Service.

“We request to transfer the functions of certification to the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs,” Altayev has said. In this regard he noted that private expert companies who determine Kazakhstan’s share in goods do not always show the results of expertise.

Deputy Chairman noted that in September this year the Board of the National Chamber of Kazakhstan adopted the decision to reduce entrepreneur’s’ payment for certificates of goods. The price reduced from 4 to 2 MCI. The decision pleased Kazakhstan’s entrepreneurs.

In addition, NCE intends to work on reducing time and useless bureaucratic moments during the issue of certificates of goods. In the future the packet of changes will be introduced to the Government.