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1.5 thousand Kazakhstani state auditors to be certified by the end of the year

11 August 2016, 23:14
Photo: Официальный сайт Премьер-Министра РК

From August this year, the certification of state auditors will start in Kazakhstan. The National Certification Commission intends to check almost 1.5 thousand state auditors.

"In 2015, the  law on state audit and financial control was adopted. This law provides for the transition of Kazakhstan to the state audit, for this we need a skilled workforce. Therefore, the law introduced a mechanism to certify state auditors.  Until January 1, 2017 they have to obtain a certificate of the state auditor. Without the certificate they will not be allowed to work in this system," the  chairman of the Accounts Committee Kozy-Korpesh Dzhanburchin said at a meeting of the National Commission.

As the chairman of the committee noted, to obtain a certificate of the state auditor, a candidate must pass the appropriate qualifying examination and be interviewed by the National Commission on Certification.

"In order to be certified, you must pass two stages: the first - it is necessary to pass the qualifying examination, the second - to be interviewed in the National Commission on Certification,"  he said.


For reference:

The National Commission on Certification consists of representatives of the Presidential Administration, Government, Parliament (as agreed), two representatives of the authorized body on internal state audit and five representatives of the Accounts Committee, two of whom represent the interests of the audit commissions of regions, cities of Astana and Almaty.