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State budget of Kazakhstan received KZT 4.3 bln since the beginning of legalization action - Ministry of Finance

03 August 2016, 21:14

Since the beginning of the action on legalization the state budget of Kazakhstan actually received 4.3 billion tenge, according to the Ministry of Finance of the RK.

As of 1 August 2016, according to the agency, 99,984 statements (declarations) with the sum of 2 289.2 billion tenge were received, including 2 009.4 billion tenge was legalized.

On legalization of property located on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan,  the Commission under the local executive bodies and the bodies of state revenues received 97,477 statements (declarations) on legalization of property  for 991.6 billion tenge. Currently 93,053 objects were legalized and securities were legalized  for 746.9 billion tenge.

On legalization of property located outside the Republic of Kazakhstan, the State Revenue Body received 104 applications (declaration) on legalization of property totaling 5 billion tenge.

According to the National Bank of Kazakhstan, as of July 29, 2016 the  second-tier banks  opened 2351 accounts  for 1 336.4 billion KZT.

In addition, the bodies of state incomes received 41 Declarations for 6 428 700 000 tenge without opening accounts. Sum of legalized money is 1 257.7 billion tenge, including 80.9 billion tenge until 30 November 2015 and 1 176.8 billion tenge on 2184 declarations.