The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

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Photographic report: "Productivity 2020" - real support for enterprises

04 August 2016, 00:16
Photo: Официальный сайт Премьер-Министра РК

Astana hosted a press tour to the industrial facilities and  LLP "KazConstruction Group"  has been used to show how  the state support is provided to  enterprises under the "Productivity 2020".

LLP “KazConstruction Group” is a manufacturer of building materials such as concrete. Using the tool "Improvement of technological processes" under the "Productivity 2020", the company reimbursed the cost of commissioning.

As part  of the SPIID the company implemented the project of production of polyethylene pipes with diameter of 20-1200 mm. In 2011-2012, it sold finished goods amounting to more than 2 200 m. In 2013-2014 polyethylene pre-insulated pipes were sold  in the "SEZ Astana – New city" in  industrial park of Astana.

The company is directly involved in such projects of our country, as the reconstruction of Karashaganak condensate field (Aksai, West Kazakhstan region), construction of the Kashagan oil field ( Karabatan, Atyrau oblast.), Construction of the railway "Uzen - state border with Turkmenistan" reconstruction of Atyrau oil refinery.

LLP "Astana railway industry" specializes in providing comprehensive transport and logistics and manufacturing services in the field of railway transport.

Within the framework of the "Productivity-2020", the company used the tool "Increasing enterprise competence" and reimburse the cost of training.

For the system of the transportation process and coordination of supply-cleaning of cars,  the company has its own dispatch service, which work closely with the dispatching service of Astana station. The technical condition of used locomotives runs. Modern automated system to control  the GPS locomotives and video recording processes are also used.