The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

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Dariga Nazarbayeva congratulates winners of the Olympic Games in Rio

12 August 2016, 00:56
Photo: Reuters

Dariga Nazarbayev congratulates winners of the Olympic Games in Rio  

"Dear champions, winners and members of the Olympic team of the Republic of Kazakhstan!

We, the people of Kazakhstan, are watching the performances of each of you with great hope and faith. The support of compatriots, love for the motherland and parents giving powerful energy that leads  you on a pedestal of Winners  of XXXI Summer Olympic Games, plays a decisive role.

Your reward is  a great contribution to the celebration of the 25th anniversary of  the Independence of Kazakhstan!

I want to thank all athletes of our national team for the pride that we feel looking at you! You are  our strength and the personification of a young, successful and strong state!

I express my deep gratitude to all training  staff, whose knowledge, hard work, skill and sensitivity opens new names and give new records.

“I wish you new brilliant victories for the glory of sport and our great country!” the message reads.