The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

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Karim Massimov visited the museum Abai "Zhidebay-Borili" and met with the public

16 August 2016, 18:43
East Kazakhstan Region
Photo: Официальный сайт Премьер-Министра РК

During his working visit to the East Kazakhstan region  the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan visited the state historical-cultural museum  Abai  "Zhidebay-Borili".

As  Director of the memorial complex Bolat Zhunisbekov noted, the museum deals with the study of historical sites associated with the life and creativity of the outstanding Kazakh enlightener Abay.

Karim Massimov familiarized with the exhibits of the unique memorial complex. The museum  has Abay’s personal belongings passed by his relatives and friends. So, here are books in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Russian, photographs of different years, rare and traditional household items. The complex exhibits of great ethnographic interest, acquaint visitors with the era of Abai. Here photos of exiled friends Abay - Michaelis, Gross, Dolgopolov, Lobanovsky.

The reserve area of ​​6 400 hectares has 16 historic monuments and historical places.

During the visit to the memorial complex Karim Massimov met with representatives of the public. In an interview with the Prime Minister the participants of the meeting raised issues of development and preservation of this important historical and cultural  objects of Kazakhstan. The descendant of Abai B. Manatay,  veteran of Abay district M. Mukanov , the student - the winner of competition D. Ualibekov contacted with questions.