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Kazakhstan launches action in support of Kazakhstani athletes at the Olympics in Rio

03 August 2016, 19:11

Kazakhstan has launched the action called "Root for our team - be closer to the sport" in support of Kazakhstani athletes at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

According to Zharasbayev, Kazakhstan’s national team comprising 104 people will take part in XXXI Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro on 26 sports.

The Action called "Root for ours - be closer to the sport " aims to support our athletes, watching their performances. One of the areas of action is to introduce the team composition, the schedule of their performances, daily program of the Games presented by our TV channels. All of this can be seen at the information desk, which is already deployed throughout the city, "  he said.

According to the ministry, information steles with booklets about transmission of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the program with the participation of Kazakhstan sportsmen, as well as information on sports events were installed at railway stations and shopping centers of Astana. The special hashtag # budblizheksportu (be close to sport) has been organized, where everyone will be able to post their comments and suggestions.