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123 foreign students enter Kazakhstani universities in 2016

04 August 2016, 20:59

According to international agreements,  in Kazakhstan universities it is planned to admit 123 foreign nationals.

As reported by  Director of the Department of higher and postgraduate education of the  MES Gulzat Kabenova, according to the international agreements in the current year Kazakhstani universities will admit students who are citizens of the following countries: Tajikistan - more than 90 people, Afghanistan - 46, China - 20, Kyrgyzstan - 4, Belarus - 3 Mongolia - 1, Ukraine - 1, Egypt - 1.

"According to international agreements it is envisaged to admit 123 citizens  in Kazakhstani universities. The remaining 51 educational grants remains vacant,"  Kabenova has said during the meeting of the  Republican competition committee for awarding educational grants at the Eurasian National University.

She also pointed out that every year on the instructions of the Head of State for the citizens of the Republic of Tajikistan 100 places are allocated for training on preparatory branch of Kazakhstani universities.

"This year an agreement was signed between the governments of the countries and states that in 2017 citizens of Tajikistan will not be taught in the preparatory departments, and will be immediately eligible for training in high schools from the first year,"  Kabenova said.

In addition, in the current year, according to MES, graduates of preparatory departments will be accepted. At the same time the Minister of Education of Tajikistan to assist Tajik citizens to enroll in Kazakhstani universities.

"Within the scope of the state order,  for Tajiks 100 seats are provided, and we propose to consider the possibility of admission to 1st year of individuals who passed the competitive test and passed training courses, there are 77 people, plus 20 people,  total - 97 people. Among 97 people there are 4 people who  claim  medical specialties, " Kabenova explained.