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Most undergraduates in Kazakhstan prefer technical profession

04 August 2016, 20:48

In 2016 in Kazakhstan there is great competition among the students of technical specialties.

According to the MES, in 2016 in Kazakhstan for teaching professions within the project "Youth of immoral country prefer Industry", 1,280 grants were allocated, as well as 22 universities allocated quota for 3162 grant.

According to Director of the Department of higher and postgraduate education of the MES Gulzat Kabenova, this year there is a great competition among the students of technical specialties, and it is growing from year to year.

"As for the Kazakh branch  the greatest competition is observed on  specialty "Geodesy and Cartography" - more than 7 people for one grant," Materials science and technology of new materials - more than five, "Information Systems"- more than 4, "Power" - more than 4, "Technology pharmaceutical production" - more than three. AS for the Russian branch  - "Geodesy and Cartography" - more than 6 people, "Information Systems" - more than 4, "Power" – 4,  "Biotechnology" - approximately 3,”  G. Kabenova ha said during the meeting of the Republican competition committee for awarding educational grants at the Eurasian national University named after L.N. Gumilev.

Thus, the competition for these specialties is an average of from 2 to 7 people for one grant. The same competition is observed on specialty agriculture.

Meanwhile traditionally there is a high competition for such specialties as "International Relations" - 22 people  for one grant, "Translation" – 16,  "Law" - 12. The lowest competition is marked in such professions where two foreign languages, in particular, German, where the competition was 0, 09 person in one place, "French" - 0.18,  "public Relations" - 0.2.

As for the competition for teaching professions, the competition is more than three people per seat. On  specialty "Geography" competition was 28 people per seat, specialty "Basic military training" - 22, "Music" - 18, "Fine arts and drawing" – 14,  "Pedagogy and Psychology" - 12. AS for the Russian department, the specialty "Geography" - 18 people, "Basic military training" – 15,  "Pedagogy and psychology" - 15, "Fine arts and drawing" - 11.