The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

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Individual school uniforms to be introduced in educational institutions - MES

02 August 2016, 22:29

School uniforms will be individual for each institution and there will be no  unified school uniform in the country. It is reported by the Ministry of Education and Science.

By the Order of the Minister of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 14 January 2016 N. 26, requirements for mandatory school uniforms for secondary education institutions school uniforms will be individual for each institution - MES

According to the document, the right to choose mandatory school uniform is assigned to the parents (or community boards of trustees, parents' committees) and teachers of schools

Organization of Education has the right to determine the date of introduction of  school uniform, it is necessary prior to May 25 of the current school year to approve the decision on a school-wide assembly.

In turn, parents are independent in choosing the company making school uniforms for their children or to purchase student's form through the trading network. However, it should match the color and a style of school uniforms approved in school.

At the expense of the fund of school (committee of parents) children from low-income families are provided with free school uniforms