The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

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Kazakhstan to digitize library’s collection

27 December 2016, 09:58

The entire library fund of Kazakhstan will be digitized until 2020.

The digital environment creates favorable conditions for the development of the activities of libraries, opening up new possibilities for creating, storing and promotion of library resources.

"This will create a single electronic catalog of all the libraries of Kazakhstan. Subsequently, Kazakhstan joined the project "Electronic library of the CIS." Then people will have access to unique books from the other, for example, Russian, storage. At the same time, Centre of rare books and manuscripts will open in the Republic for the first time, " Deputy Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Imangali Tasmagambetov said.

In addition, the best works of authors in contemporary literature will include the school curriculum for Kazakhstani school students, and to advertise any literature for the youngest inhabitants of the country will be allowed free of charge. Also, in order to instill love of reading to all Kazakhstanis, a reading Interagency Support Council will be created in the country.