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In September 2016 Kazakhstani schools to admit 380 thousand first-graders – MES RK

02 August 2016, 17:02

In September 2016 Kazakhstani schools will admit 380,265 first-graders. It is reported by the Ministry of Education and Science

The ministry takes concrete measures to provide  educational institutions with textbooks and teaching materials in  2016/2017 academic year. Duplication and shipping of textbooks is currently ongoing.

Shipment of textbooks in all regions of the country, according to the agency, will be made from August 1-16. Until August 25 all schools in the country will be provided with new textbooks.

Since the beginning of the process of phased implementation of the updated content in the country's schools, new textbooks for 1st graders  have been developed.

Tutorials of five publishers (LLP "Almaty publishing house" - "Literacy", "Kazakh language" (for Russian schools), "Russian language" (for Kazakh schools), "Music", LLP "Corporation "Heritage"- "Educating", "Great work"; "School" - "Mathematics", “Learning the World”,  “Natural science" (the developer - NIS); LLP “Express Publishing” - «English language») passed all  stages of selection and were recommended by the Republican Commission and included in the list of textbooks authorized for use in educational institutions. All textbooks for the 1st grade translated into Uighur, Uzbek and Tajik languages ​​(national schools).