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90 enterprises of Kazakhstan ready to purchase milk from private farms - Ministry of Agriculture

10 August 2016, 16:33

93 enterprises of Kazakhstan are ready to purchase milk from private farms  in the volume  380 thous. tons.

Ministry of Agriculture conducted a survey of existing dairy plants in order to determine the possible volume of milk for reloading capacity.

"In fact, 93 of 152 companies are ready to purchase milk from smallholders in the volume  of 380 thous. tons. 59 enterprises are not interested in buying natural products, because their production is based on the use of milk powder," the Ministry of Agriculture reports.

Many dairy plants do not indicate information about the use of powdered milk on package, and it is sold at the price of natural milk. In this regard, the Committee on Consumer Protection should strengthen control over observance of technical regulation requirements  for production of dairy products.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Agriculture is taking measures to increase  volumes of agricultural products by using the potential of private farms.