The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

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Prime Minister of Kazakhstan discusses food pricing with AIC representatives

05 August 2016, 22:12
Akmola Region

The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov has held a meeting on the development of food belt around Astana during a working visit to Akmola region.

The main issue was pricing of food within the food belt of Astana.

At  meeting on the development of the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan the President Nursultan Nazarbayev regularly raises the question of providing the capital with  foodstuffs. However, Astana’s food prices are the highest in the country. The Prime Minister noted that to address this issue the relevant decisions to be taken

Referring to the Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Askar Myrzakhmetov, he stressed that there is a weak interaction between the capital  and agricultural producers in northern and central regions of the country.

Provision of food at affordable prices is  an important question, but on the eve of the international exhibition EXPO, it becomes even more urgent.

The producers have the opportunity to expand the production and supply of products to residents of the capital. However, the issues related to access to the markets of Astana, the lack of trade and logistics infrastructure, capacity utilization are not solved.

In this regard, the Prime Minister instructed the Ministry of Agriculture together with the Ministry of National Economy and administration of the capital to work and to make concrete proposals to address the comments and suggestions, to resolve pricing issues.


For reference:

The need for the creation of food belt around Astana was announced by the President in Address to the Nation dated February 6, 2008 "Improving the well-being of citizens of Kazakhstan is the main goal of public policy".

Every year, the population of Astana consumes 570 thousand tons of socially important food products.