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Kazakhstan imposes temporary restrictions on import of cattle from Russia - Ministry of Agriculture

04 August 2016, 19:53

Kazakhstan has imposed temporary restrictions on import of cattle from the Russian Federation. It is reported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the RK.

As it is known, an outbreak of anthrax had been registered in  Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District of the Russian Federation. To date, according to the media of the Russian Federation, more than 2.3 thousand animals died in this district.

Disease "anthrax" was also diagnosed among people: about 90 people were hospitalized, the diagnosis of "anthrax" was  officially confirmed in 20  citizens.

In this regard, from August 3  the Republic of Kazakhstan introduced temporary restrictions on import  of farm and wild animals, genetic material, raw materials and products derived from animals, horn and hoof raw materials (horns, antlers, hooves), leather raw materials (skins of horses, deer, and wild animals).

Also in connection with the registration on the territory of the Russian Federation: Astrakhan region, Krasnodar and Stavropol Territory, Republic of Kalmykia, Ingushetia and Dagestan, from 4 August 2016 the Ministry of Agriculture of the RK  introduces  temporary restrictions on imports of  cattle and other animals susceptible to nodular dermatitis, resulting from their genetic material, products derived from cattle and animals of susceptible species; untreated raw hides; equipment for maintenance and transportation of cattle and other susceptible animals that were in use from the Russian Federation.