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Moratorium on sale of land of Kazakhstan to be prolonged for 5 years

13 August 2016, 18:47

Members of the Land Reform Commission voted for extension of the moratorium on some norms of the Land Code for five years, Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Agriculture Askar Myrzakhmetov announced in Astana on Saturday. 

"If members of the commission support the proposals on the extension of the moratorium, then we will end the work of the commission. The working group created under the Agriculture Ministry of Kazakhstan will continue its work. The work on land inventory is ahead. We will involve the public councils under the regional akimats (administrations) to that process, if necessary. If members of the commission want to participate in this work, the doors of the Agriculture Ministry will always be open," Minister Myrzakhmetov said. 

At the session, the commission developed ten proposals on the reform of the Land Code.

First of all, the commission suggested preserving the institute of agricultural lands lease for citizens of Kazakhstan for the period of 49 years. 

Secondly, the commission proposed to determine the maximum size of farmland that can be leased to the citizens of Kazakhstan.

Thirdly, it was suggested introducing strict procedure for land use in cross-border regions.

Fourthly, the commission proposed to determine pastures and hayfields surrounding populated areas to meet the needs of local population. These lands cannot be leased to persons or entities of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

Fifthly, local authorities should be allowed to buy agricultural lands for public use and individual housing construction. 

Sixthly, the proposals developed by the members of the commission on preservation and improvement of the institute of farmlands lease should be submitted to the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Seventhly, the Agriculture Ministry was suggested extending the moratorium on the norms of allotting the farmlands to joint ventures with foreign capital.

Eighthly, the Agriculture Ministry will prepare a draft law containing the proposals of the commission and submit it to the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan. 

Ninthly, the proposal on the extension of the moratorium for five years until December 31, 2021 should be submitted to the President of Kazakhstan.

Tenthly, in case the President of Kazakhstan approves the submitted proposals, the commission will end its work. The members of the commission can participate in the work of the Agriculture Ministry on further improvement of the land legislation.