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PHOTOREPORT: How the capital celebrated International Children's Day

01 June 2017, 19:13

On June 1, Kazakhstan marks the International Children's Day. In Astana, as well as throughout the country, a cultural and entertainment program was organized with concerts, free meals and attractions on major urban sites and parks. Correspondent of the made an overview of the most striking events.

This year, for the first time throughout Kazakhstan, there was a solemn parade of children's and youth music orchestras and ensembles.

At 11:00 in each regional center, the city of republican importance and the capital along the central streets and avenues, there were bands of drummers, brass bands and ensembles, choral and dance groups representing all the educational organizations of the country.

In Astana, more than four thousand participants walked from the city square on the Street Beybitshilik, on the Abay Street, then along the Republic Avenue to Kenessary Street.

Before the start of the procession, the Minister of Education and Science Yerlan Sagadiev, the Children's Rights Commissioner in Kazakhstan Zagipa Baliyeva and the Deputy Akim of Astana Yermek Amanshayev wished good luck to the children.

"Such an event is held for the first time, in all major cities of the country there are the same parades. In total about 75 thousand people take part in it. We hope that such a parade will be an annual event, as well as one of the brightest events of the year" - said Yerlan Sagadiyev.

Each team tried to surprise with synchronism of movements, originality of costumes and, of course, creative numbers.

Among the participants of the parade were prizewinners of the Academic Olympics and sport competitions, as well as excellent students.

Such unusual cars could be found today in the streets of Astana.

At that time in one of the cinemas of the capital the Minister of Culture and Sport Arystanbek Mukhamediuly and about 50 children from socially vulnerable groups watched the animated film "A Stork's Journey ".

After watching the film, the children visited the National Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, where they were given a special tour of the halls of history and culture of their home country.

On the same day, the star guests of the Open Air concert, timed to the children's holiday, congratulated the students of the social institutions of Astana.

Students of the Center for Adaptation of Minors welcomed the guests in holiday suits, gorgeous dresses, shirts and ties. The kids prepared a concert program, which they rehearsed for about two weeks.

Soloists of the group "Asyl" and singer Kairat Bayekenov who performed his hit "Makhabbat", came to visit the children.

Then the children released balloons to the sky, into which they had previously enclosed notes with secret wishes. According to Aigul Bolatkhan, the senior educator of the Adaptation Center for Minors, all children have one desire - to return to the family, to be next to their mother.

"Children are temporarily in our center. These are children who, due to circumstances, found themselves in a difficult life situation, were left without parental care. Our children are special. They are very kind, talented, communicative, independent and most importantly, very active - they like to perform on stage, prepare for such events" - A. Bolatkhan says.

The holiday became truly magical due to the sweet presentation: the public foundation "Dar" presented the children with 100 pieces of ice cream. In addition, the foundation gave the children a lot of useful gifts - rollers, balls, dishes, water coolers, national costumes, sport clothes.

"The role here is not so much gifts, as our presence. Our attention and care are important to children. We have been working with this center since 2013. Constantly we try to support them" - says Rustam Ibragimov, coordinator of social projects of the “Dar” Foundation of Astana.

In the meantime, students of the specialized correctional school met no less stellar guests - Rinat Malcagov, Arthur Tolepov and the “Pizza” group.

The front man of the “Pizza” band Sergei Prikazchikov wished children to believe in themselves and always strive for their dream.

"I had communicating problems, it really embarrassed me. But I always believed that I would do what I'm doing now and I could do it. And I wish you to fulfill what you want. You should always know what you want from life, and then you will have it all" - the musician congratulated the children.


Kazakhstan singer Zhanar Dugalova and Russian stars Mот and Natan cheered SOS Children's Village with their visit. The children met them according to all the rules of hospitality - in national costumes and with traditional shashu. Joyful boys and girls, vying each other, shouted the names of their favorite artists, shook hands with them and shared their dreams.

The Humanitarian Fund "Degdar" presented SOS Children's Village Astana with a sports and playground.

"It is important for our fund that the younger generation have the opportunity to play outdoors, breathe fresh air, play sports. No matter what profession the guys choose, but sport will help them to become strong, confident people" - said Laura Akhmetova, director of the humanitarian fund "Degdar ".

The guests - Natan, Zhanar Dugalova and Laura Akhmetova, cut the red ribbon at the entrance to the site.

After the solemn opening, the kids clung to a new place of entertainment.

The guest from Moscow also did not stay aside. Mot and the boys arranged competitions on the bar, and then they drove the ball.

… Unexpectedly, Mot sang Acappella.

The children for a long time did not want to release their favorite performers: someone wanted to make a selfie, and someone - just hug the star more tightly.

Such a bright and rich was the day for the capital's children. May our future generation live in peace and love.