The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

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Prime Minister inspects house construction in Atyrau

08 August 2016, 20:44
Atyrau Region

The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov has visited the construction site of "Zheruyik" residential complex in Nursaya district.

The construction of "Zheruyik" residential complex has been  funded under the Regional Development Program - 2020 and is implemented with the support of JSC "Real Estate Fund "Samruk-Kazyna". The complex consists of sixteen five-floor houses with 25 apartments  in "Nursaya". The complex provides easy access from all sides, children's playgrounds, sports and economic grounds. Currently, construction works has been  performed at the level of  70%.

K. Massimov visited the construction site and listened to report on construction of the  residential complex.

The Regional Development Programme  was approved by the Government in 2014. One of the main directions of the program is the construction of affordable housing for the population.

Real Estate Fund "Samruk-Kazyna" provides two variants of realization of property: direct sale and lease with purchase. At the same time the apartments are provided on waiting list through local agencies.

Overall, the program is aimed at improving the quality of life, development of vital infrastructure and economic potential of regions.


For reference:

To implement the state policy in the sphere of housing construction, a number of legislative and normative-legal acts regulating construction activities, as well as state programs were taken: the State Program of Housing Construction in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2005-2007; Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On equity participation in housing construction"; The state program of housing construction in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2008-2010; The program for the development of construction industry and production of construction materials of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014; The program "Affordable Housing-2020".

In 2015, 8.9 million square meters were introduced. In comparison with 1991 commissioning of housing from all sources of financing has increased by almost 2.8 million square meters.

The "Affordable Housing-2020" program plans to put into service  7600 thousand sq.  meters, in 2017 - 7700 thousand sq. m., in 2018 - 8000 thousand sq. m., in 2019 - 9000 thousand sq. m. meters, in 2020 - 10000 thousand sq. m.