The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

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Bakytzhan Sagintayev visits a number of production facilities of the Kashagan field

15 September 2017, 16:15
Atyrau Region

Today during a working visit to Atyrau region, Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev got acquainted with the work of Kashagan field facilities, including artificial island D and oil and gas refinery Bolashak, as well as a new plant for the production of granulated sulfur.

First of all, Bakytzhan Sagintayev circled over the offshore fields, in particular, the artificial island D and the Bolashak oil and gas refinery.

Kashagan is one of the largest hydrocarbon facilities in the world and the largest international investment project in Kazakhstan. The production activity began in October of 2016, the development of the field is conjugated with a number of complex tasks that require the use of innovative technologies.

Some of these innovations have been used for the first time at the Kashagan field, which became the basis for a number of technological breakthroughs and new technologies. Currently, the monthly volume of oil production here is 600-650 thousand tons.

In turn, the Bolashak plant is engaged in oil processing, its storing and export, preparing gas, extracting liquefied gas as fuel, removing sulfur and storing it, cleaning residual gas and delivering it to the point of connection to the existing network. The company employs 1025 people.

After that, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan visited the Samal permanent residence settlement and the plant for the production of granulated sulfur.

It is planned that the plant with a capacity of 4500 tons per day will be put into operation in November this year. The enterprise includes a sulfur recovery unit, a gas purification plant, a storage for liquid sulfur, and storage facilities for sulfur blocks. The railway complex provides storage and shipment of up to 7000 tons of granulated sulfur per day.

It should be noted that at present the Government is comprehensively working on the formation of a new model of economic growth and creating conditions for the emergence of new production enterprises and the increase of non-primary exports. At the same time, work continues on the development of the country's oil and gas sector, since, according to the instructions of the Head of State, he must maintain his strategic importance for ensuring the sustainability of economic growth. The emphasis in the further development of this industry is made on deepening complex processing of raw materials and introduction of modern technologies at all stages of the production process.