The Prime Minister of Kazakhstan

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PHOTOREPORT: Karim Massimov's working visit to the East Kazakhstan

17 August 2016, 01:16
East Kazakhstan Region
Photo: Официальный сайт Премьер-Министра РК

At the instruction of the Head of State, Prime Minister Karim Massimov has arrived in the East Kazakhstan region to assess the socio-economic development of the region

The Prime Minister visited the infrastructural facilities, Historical and Cultural Museum and also held a meeting with the public in the region.


Karim Massimov got acquainted with the security system of airports and train stations in the EKR.

The Prime Minister got acquainted with the state heating system. Karim Massimov was informed on the reconstruction of TPP-1.


The Prime Minister visited the important sites of historical and cultural heritage of our country and the State Literary and Memorial Museum Abai "Zhidebay-Borili".


The Prime Minister visited the memorial complex "Abai-Shakarim". Karim Massimov met with representatives of the public from Abai district.



The Prime Minister familiarized with the process of preparation of technical staff within the SPIID at the East Kazakhstan State Technical University named after D. Serikpayev and held a meeting on issues of applying scientific researches by developing the PPP.