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Karim Massimov discusses problematic issues with the youth of Akmola region

05 August 2016, 17:49
Akmola Region

The Prime Minister Karim Masimov during his working visit to Akmola region visited KSU "Industrial and Technical College 2” where he hold meeting  with young people on employment issues.

Institution was opened in 1979. Since 2013, the College works on dual mode learning experiment in cooperation with JSC "EPK Stepnogorsk": prepares qualified young people in the field lathe and metal case, professionals within electromechanical equipment in the industry, and from 2015 - with a degree in mechanical engineering technology.

K. Massimov visited training centre of the  college,  director E. Krainev acquainted him with the educational training process for the SPIID. Then the Prime Minister met with the city's young people to discuss employment issues.

They discussed the problematic issues such as  the introduction of temporary employment programs during vacation time for high school students, the organization and support  for youth entrepreneurship, support for this form of employment as construction units, and other topical issues.

Through the program "Youth Practice", "Employment 2020", "With diploma to the village" and "Green country" the Government promotes the employment of young specialists.

On behalf of the Head of the State youth policy issues are under special control of the Government.

For reference:

Young people aged between 14 and 29 years is 24.1%, or 4.206 million people of the total population of Kazakhstan. 2, 5 million young people are economically active and are engaged in the national economy.

Promoting employment of young specialists the Government assists  through the program "Youth Practice", "Employment 2020", "With diploma to the village", "Serpіn - 2050" and "Green country".

As of July 1 this year the program "Employment 2020) included 78.4 thousand people, 36.2 thous. (46.2%) of them are young people under the age of 29 years.

For social workplaces and youth practice more than 13.2 thousand young people (2015 - 7 thousand young people.) have been employed since the beginning of the year.