01 July 2016, 19:15
01 July 2016, 18:22

Residents of remote villages in Kazakhstan will  be provided with  free medical services  by mobile teams, who  will go to the regions and advise the population on prevention of…

01 July 2016, 00:24

There is  a clinic without  queue in Astana. This was announced  by Vice-Minister of Health and Social Development of Kazakhstan Svetlana Zhakupova.

30 June 2016, 23:30

By 2020, it is planned to  cover 90% of schoolchildren and 100% of  the students with the Internet, this year another 2 thousand schools will be connected to the Internet. This was announ…

Social policy
30 June 2016, 19:02

Persons with disabilities of I and II groups could get the service of “Government  for citizens"  without visiting the front office of the State Corporation.


30 June 2016, 17:28

In 2015, due to the activity of communication satellites titled «KazSat-2» and  “KazSat-3” , income in the amount of about 3.2 billion tenge was received.

30 June 2016, 17:22