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Coverage of residents of remote communities by medical services will be doubled in 2019 — Alexey Tsoy

05 February 2019, 13:59

Vice Minister of Healthcare Alexey Tsoy told how the work on the integration of polyclinics affects the availability and quality of medical services, as well as measures taken to improve the material and technical equipment of health facilities at a press conference in the Government’s press center.

According to the vice minister, the country is optimizing healthcare facilities from 640 to 347 by creating multi-disciplinary clusters, which will increase the availability of a wide range of medical servies.

“We conducted an analysis where about 4.6 thousand beds remained free, unfilled and were in standby mode. We can reclassify these beds for more needed directions,” said Tsoy.

As noted by the vice minister, with the enlargement of polyclinics, they will remain geographically in the same place, the medical staff will continue to work in the same composition. Optimization will only affect administrative staff. The country is undergoing large-scale digitalization, which allows you to solve many issues remotely.

The Ministry of Healthcare is carrying out comprehensive work to increase the availability of medical care in the countryside.

“We focus on bringing qualified specialists, medical assistance directly to the village, closer to our citizens so that they do not go to the district centers and they have the opportunity to undergo screening tests, preventive examinations from narrow specialists”, said the vice minister

With this purpose, in addition to the existing 122 primary medical complexes, they are purchased in accordance with the need of 18 such points.

In addition, health trains are launched, which are also equipped with all necessary medical equipment. In 2019 it is planned to increase the coverage of the population from remote settlements almost twice. In order to bring medical care to rural residents in the normal mode, the work of air ambulance is also being conducted.

“We use helicopters of the Emergency Committee here. Aircraft on the market there. We have a single helicopter service operator,” said Tsoy.

In addition, the vice minister informed that, as part of the modernization of the material and technical equipment of health facilities, it is necessary to additionally attract about 1.3 trillion tenge. The share of private investment in the health care system is planned to increase from 40 to 60%.

“We are implementing 17 regional long-term plans, that is, we have identified the need of medical organizations in the regions and each region sets its own plans until 2025,” said Tsoy.

In turn, the Director of the Investment Policy Department of the Ministry of Healthcare Aslan Kinayatov said that by 2025 more than 1.3 thousand health facilities should be built with the involvement of local budgets, the republican budget, and public-private partnership mechanisms.

“Until 2025, it is also planned to overhaul in 941 health facilities. In general, in 2019, it is planned to put into operation about 200 new facilities and carry out major repairs in 113 facilities,” Kinayatov added.

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