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Mandatory vaccination reduces hospitalizations of young patients — the main pediatrician of Kazakhstan

13 March 2019, 18:02

Child healthcare is a socially significant area of ​​medicine. The main pediatrician of the country — Director of the Research Center for Pediatrics and Pediatric Surgery Riza Boranbayeva told about the measures being taken by the state for providing children with high-quality medical services.

The Head of the State in his Address “Growing of Welfare of Kazakh Citizens: Increase in Incomes and Quality of Life” noted that the health of the nation is the main priority of the state and the basis of a successful future. The culture of good lifestyle and disease prevention begins at an early age; it is the preschool age that is decisive in shaping the foundation of physical and mental health.

According to the director Boranbayeva, in Kazakhstan over the past 10 years there has been a tendency to a decrease in childhood morbidity. Over the past 10 years, both infant and infant mortality rates have more than halved. At the same time, the country’s disease detection system has improved at different stages of its development.

“In the structure of morbidity, diseases of the respiratory organs are on the first place, diseases of the digestive tract are on the second place, and blood diseases are on the third place. The diagnosis of many diseases has improved, autoimmune and genetic diseases have become well diagnosed. In this regard, it seems that there is an increase in the incidence, but in fact there is an improvement in diagnosis,” explained Boranbayeva.

According to the physician, 50% of the population is regulated by social facts, 20% is genetics, 20% is ecology and 10% is influenced by public health.

“The Ministry of Healthcare has monitored the school medicine Since 2016. The first thing that physicians began to do was to train school health workers, because, before that, they did not have such a system of education, did not have certification. Practically in two years all school health workers of the country were trained,” said Boranbayeva.

In addition, the Ministry of Healthcare is creating centers for a healthy lifestyle. Center employees go to schools and promote a healthy lifestyle.

An important role in the prevention of dangerous infections is played by compulsory vaccination, which helps to reduce the number of hospitalizations of young patients and protracted forms of serious diseases.

“We have a lot of work done in the republic to promote vaccination. Vaccination coverage is 95%, at the end of 2018, a total of 2 million 800 thousand children were vaccinated, of which more than 200 thousand were adolescents,” the doctor informed.

According to her, explanatory work is being carried out with parents who refuse vaccination on various convictions.

“Recently, some parents refuse vaccination. We have to do a lot of explanatory work, because it is really wrong and contributes to the increase in the incidence of childhood infections. In 2018, more than 5 thousand parents refused vaccination. By means of long explanatory work of local doctors, it was possible to persuade about 3 thousand parents (who refused to be vaccinated),” said Boranbayeva.

In addition, the doctor spoke about the prospects for the development of pediatrics in Kazakhstan. In 2018, 208 new pediatric sites were opened.

“At some certain point there was a shortage of pediatricians and it is impossible to fully ensure all of the pediatric areas, but we are gradually moving towards this. Every year the number of pediatric sites increases. In the regions, just over 2 thousand pediatric sites are functioning. Regions themselves, as they prepare specialists, can open areas, there are regions where 80-90% have switched to general practitioners and do not express dissatisfaction, as they trust them. Among them are the same pediatricians who have retrained,​​” Boranbayeva summarized.

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